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Trade Opinion

Post by ManicGK on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:59 am

Hello all,

Just hoping to get some insight on some offers I've received for an auction.

Auction item:
Child of Pit+ Level 6 Agility Up (5)

Deceit Witch Lvl 1 Mystic Down (1)
Charon of Hatred Lvl 1 Covert Down (1)
Typhon the Sea Roarer Lvl 1 Impulse Down (1)

Furnace Dragon+ Lvl 6 Preemptive Strike (7)

Ray-Beam Parasite Lvl 1
2x Elite Dragonborn Lvl 1 Increase Party Defense (1)
Colossal Scythe Ant Lvl 1
Wheel Knight Golem+ Lvl 1 Impulse Down (1)

5x EP

Lewd Twist Lologi+ Lvl 1 Preemptive Strike (1)
Cetus+ Lvl 1 Increase Party Attack (1)

I currently have the following team so I'm more looking for the "flip" value of the offers above.
Flame Kagutsuchi+ 70 DED(11)
Spite Devil Mage+ 70 DEA(12)
Devil of the Abyss+ 70 IPA(Cool
Lord of Faith+ 70 IPD(7)
Child of Pit+ 70 Agility Up(11)

Much appreciated Smile


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Re: Trade Opinion

Post by sel on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:30 pm

take d.


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