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United Onslaught: Event Review Empty United Onslaught: Event Review

Post by rkhtse on Thu May 07, 2015 2:28 pm

United Onslaught is the best event to obtain S class without item purchasing.

But you need to have a big BP bar (1000 +), some non-event-runner willing to search the boss, AA+ Prog, and 30-50 bottles of MYBP.

My clan has only 23 members and only 12-14 accounts are somehow active. We log in together and we log out together.
7 of our accounts get 200,000 points for the S. The rest of accounts help the event runner to build chain during boss fight, discover boss to fight, and to finish boss if the MVP is secured by the event runner. 

None of us purchase the Miracle Extract. But some of us, download those advertising/ games for 100 soul points and use that 100 soul points to purchase 3 miracle extracts.

My account used 40 Mybp in the event and my BP bar is 1200. I got the S @ 200 000 points when I used 20 mybp. But I spend more mybp to seach the treasure boss and to "open" boss for my clan mate to obtain points.

The dropped items from treasure boss is horrible, two of us get AAA, but none of us get the S treasure boss itself. Treasure boss did drop some SOP, and miracle extracts.

The S @ 200 000 points are strong is very good for clan league formation.

Not necessary to kill every single boss. In usual case, all event runner will hit it once for free. About 90-100 points per hit.

All treasure boss will be finished.

Rare Boss, depend on Mood and Time. Sometimes kill, sometimes leave it.

The boss apperance rate is low. Sometimes, It cost a full size BP bar to find one boss.

Would be great if you have some alts in your own clan, so you can manage the resources more efficiently.

Chain combo is very important when fighting treasure boss.

Great way to call your clan mate for chain building if you encounter a treasure boss

I believe in most of the clan, people won't steal the MVP of the treasure boss from his clan mate. But you can arrange/exchange the MVP by using these communication apps.

For example, I can talk to my Lieut:
Can I steal your Treasure boss, I promise you I will open a treasure boss for you tomorrow.

People who need points, take the MVP of my treasure boss now. If no one take action, I will kill it when 100 seconds left.

United Onslaught: Event Review Mystic10

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United Onslaught: Event Review Empty Re: United Onslaught: Event Review

Post by General Osf on Sun May 10, 2015 4:12 pm

Thumbs up for your collaboration.

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United Onslaught: Event Review Empty Re: United Onslaught: Event Review

Post by Sigurd on Sun May 10, 2015 4:45 pm

I actually wonder what is the best strategy for those who doesn't have enough bp tank? Say I only have 400 bp, technically, I can only do events for fun and experience but not really going after any of the prizes, no?


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United Onslaught: Event Review Empty Re: United Onslaught: Event Review

Post by FrankF on Sun May 10, 2015 11:40 pm

It's probably not going to be profitable for you to go after the event prizes.  If you break even, consider yourself lucky.  However, the benefit you gain from spending all the BP/EP is that you gain levels.  You can easily gain 10 levels from seriously pushing an event.  That's 60 more BP or EP per potion for the next event.  We've all had to go through that pain at first.


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United Onslaught: Event Review Empty Re: United Onslaught: Event Review

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