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Strawhat Luffy's Dream Shop - 1767750272

Post by Jacks341 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:38 am

Everything here is for sale

Hey all , feel free to open a trade with me at any time, detailing what you want in message, or respond to this thread.

Luffy (ID: 1767750272)

Please make fair offer for cards of interest, I know values of most cards, would prefer ep, but will consider trades, impulse or cypher preferred (a+,AA). Will also consider skill stacks, thanks for shopping.

Unless noted, all monsters are A rank, Fresh

Isolated Knight, Menzl (DEA2) Lev40

A+ Blazing Dragonoid (Crit Rate 6) Lev70
A+ Bloodfest Demon (Dea1) Lev31
A+ Igbran (BD2) Lev28
A+ Furnace Dragon (PS4) Lev13
A+ Nidhogg (Agi4) Lev 13
A+ Beelzebub (VB2)
A+ Tricephalic Werewolf (party def +)
Gut devourer (DD1)
Devil of Endless Night Lev28
Flame Kagutsuchi Lev30
Balrog of Rage (CD2) Lev30
Hideous meat fiend (cd1)
Hellfire talks
Devil of the abyss (IPD1)
Cruel Black Wings (DeD1)

A+ Unbound Colossus (PS4)
Beheaded Lunatic (ID1)
Fex the Severer (IPD1)
Vicissitude of Colossus (IDR1)
Hell ice dragon (Dea1)
Shield of steel (Idr2)
Shock tarasque (ipd3) L9
Scaled chimera

Bayard the Steel Horse
Blizzard Mummy (DD1)
Scythe of Awe, Kanosta (Party Def +)
Berserker Mite (PD1)
Flesh Triffid (IPD1)
Blood-Suck Rampage Fly
Refined Horned Fighter (Health Up)
Naga (SB2)

Skilled Random:
Skeleton Monk (Party health Plus)
Puryip (Crit rate 2)


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