Luffy's Dream Shop (Now open...) 1767750272

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Luffy's Dream Shop (Now open...) 1767750272

Post by Jacks341 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:57 am

Welcome to my shop, how may I be of assistance to you?

Kik Summoner_Luffy or email or open trade in game with your offer and a request message.

Luffy (ID: 1767750272)

EP strongly preferred. 3BP=2EP. If overbid, will consider A+\AA\AA+ or skill stacks(4+) (except Crit/Breath/Pre). 

+m --> max level, 70A+ / 150AA+
Only Rank A or higher monsters sold, unless in the Skills Only section. More monsters added often


Full Team - +m Psycho Brutes AA+ (EP only) or overbid if EP and trade.

Radiant Valkyrie, Nagi + L150 , Impulse Down(20)
Blood Seeker Braize + L150 , Decrease Enemy Attack(20)
Purgation Agent, Tlon + L150 , Demon Down(3)
Silver Wings, Hibyto + L150 , Party Health Plus(3)
Chosen Sword, Alisa + L150 , Beast Down(6)



Winged wyrms +m
A+ Dragon of Mars (bd3)
A+ Dragon of Uranus (md2)
A+ Magic Light Dragon (ipd4)
A+ Demon Dragon, Kanna (dd1)
A+ Furnace Dragon (pre4)
A+ Blazing Dragonoid (Crit Rate 6) +m
A+ Bloodfest Demon (Dea1) Lev31
A+ Igbran (BD2) Lev28
A+ Furnace Dragon (PS4) Lev13
A+ Beelzebub (VB2)
A+ Tricephalic Werewolf (party def +)
A+ Pabilsag (dea1)
A+ Nidhogg(agi1)
A+ Scythes of Crimson
A+ Hellfield Devil Asura (ipa2)
Gut devourer (DD1)
Devil of Endless Night Lev28
Flame Kagutsuchi Lev30
Balrog of Rage (CD3) Lev30
Hellfire Talos


Winged Wyrms +m
A+ Fire and Ice Dragon (ipd6)
A+ Crystal Dragon (crit7)
A+ Unbound Colossus (PS4


Winged Wyrms:
A+ Raging Vritra (id1)
A+ Quetzalcoatl (id3)
A+ Lindwyrm (agi5)

A+ Bayard the Steel Horse (agi2)
Blizzard Mummy (DD1)
Scythe of Awe, Kanosta (Party Def +)
Naga (SB2)


Skills Only: (Coming Soon..)


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