Optimal Psycho Demon Team?

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Optimal Psycho Demon Team? Empty Optimal Psycho Demon Team?

Post by TheAmish0ne on Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:59 pm

So now that I have enough EP to start working on putting an ideal team together, I'm trying to determine what the Optimal Psycho Demon Team is, at least as far as A+ is concerned. But then that got me thinking along the theoretical optimal build if you had the EP to grab AA+ of everything.

As an A+ team would it be something along the lines of:

Death Call Covenant+ Agility
Sekhmet+ Inc. Attack
Hatred Pledge Victoria+ Arctic Tempest
Shadow Domain Demon+ Preemptive Strike
Lewd Twist Lologi+ Preemptive Strike

I'm not sure about the two Preemptive strike, though what would take the place of one? Or is it ideal to just skill change one of them?

Furthermore, if we get into AA+ teams:

Taroth+ Dec. Attack
Fate Puppeteer+ Dec. Defense
Kotone+ (with a skill change)
Virupaksa+ (with a skill change)

for the 5th slot, would it be ideal to go DCC for the agility and Demon Combo, or go with another AA+ for the rarity combo and extra stats over the agility? Again, theoretical team here... I certainly don't have the EP to build something like this, but I do like looking for absolute optimal teams.


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Optimal Psycho Demon Team? Empty Re: Optimal Psycho Demon Team?

Post by Dragonjin01 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:55 pm

Amish with the addition of Dawn Lilin, you can use her in the place of lewd. You'll get about the same amount of atk and much more health.


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