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Post by DarkestSummoner on Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:14 pm

Eredan Arena is a pure PvP Collectable Card Game. Like most games of its type you start out by naming your player and then enter your referral code. If you don't want to bother coming up with a name, you can just start playing right away with a default name of Hero followed by a 7 digit number. Don't worry since you can change your name anytime in the options menu. There is no trading and no clans like in Dark Summoner. You can only have 1 copy of a card in the game. There are two types of hero cards which are normal and EX(exclusive heroes). The main currency of the game are blue diamonds called Fee'z(purchase using cash or gained by ranking in monthly league). The other currency are red crystals that can be used to buy booster packs.

You begin the game with 5 level 1 normal Heroes from a pool of starter heroes. In the upper-left corner of a hero card, you see 3 circles. The biggest circle is your hero's guild. The circle to the right is its race while the lower circle is its race. The number in the upper-right corner is the hero's level. The number next to sword icon is your hero's strength. Below the sword, are 3 rows which are the hero's skills/abilities counted from the bottom up. Your monsters gain an ability each time they level up. You level up your heroes by collecting more copies of the same hero. You need 3 more copies to go from level 1 to 2 and 7 more to go from level 2 to 3(max). You can see how many more you need by checking the green dots. You can unlock more heroes when your heroes reach level 3.

Initially in the upper-right corner of the main screen you will see an orange/blue yin yang like fireballs followed by 5/5 which represents your Energy Points. When you battle, your deck can only have 5 heroes, no more or less. The game matches you up against another player with a similar strength deck and supposedly hidden ranking system. Your heroes battle one on one against your opponent's heroes. At the start you can only see 3 heroes on each side. It is turn based so you can select the attacker/defender. Your heroes do not have health points. You win a fight when your hero does more damage than your opponents hero. First player to get 3 wins, wins the battle. You battle by rolling 6 dice. The faces that each die has are 2 swords, 2 red biceps, 1 blue fireball, and 1 yellow female like symbol. You activate abilities by matching the dice and
can trigger abilities multiple times. You click on the faces you want to keep and can re-roll 2 times. The battle sequence is:
Attacker's 1st Ability
Defender's 1st Ability
Attacker's 2nd Ability
Defender's 2nd Ability
Attacker's 3rd Ability
Defender's 3rd Ability
Attacker's Strength Attack
Defender's Strength Attack

The winner gets 15 experience points, loser gets 5 experience points, and both get 10 points for draws. You can battle non-stop. After a battle, the players(win or lose) that have energy points available can open 1 of 6 chests. It takes 30 minutes to recharge 1 energy point. You can see the contents of the chests, which are always 2 different amounts of red crystals, 3 heroes, and 1 booster pack. Then, you press the mix button and choose a chest. You can open addition chests for 19 Fee'z each. If you are out of energy points you can pay 99 Fee'z to refill your energy. If you have enough experience points to gain a level, you get 1 trophy, max
energy refill, and 1000 red crystals. That is all you will ever get when your player levels up.

You can unlock some heroes when you have the right amount of trophies. From 3 AM PST Friday to 3 AM PST Monday, you can obtain an Ex hero of the weekend by opening chests(the Ex hero will replace one of the 3 heroes you see in chests). After getting the 1st copy of the Ex hero, you will get the option of buying the Ex booster of that hero at level 3 for 399 Fee'z out right or -35 Fee'z per green dot. I was able to get my first Ex
hero to level 3 from opening chests on Saturday. I might have been lucky to complete it without having to spend a dime. It is not a bad thing to use Fee'z and it's good that the option is there. There is a Preview hero from about 10 AM or noon on Monday to noon on Friday(it says noon but I saw it was there later). You can buy a Preview booster for 5000 red crystals. So for 55000 red crystals you can get a Preview hero to level 3.

I like the game much more than Dark Summoner for many reasons. One reason might be because I have been playing DS from the beginning and Eredan Arena is new to me. If both games came out at the same time, I would choose to play Eredan over DS. Eredan doesn't make you do stupid tedious shit like sacrificing millions of monsters to level up an AAA+ to level 300 and give the AAA+ a skill which you will also have to level up. Also, stupid Ateam introduced AAAs but you begin the game with a damn A, 2 Bs, and 2 Cs. What a joke!!! In Eredan, you need to get 11 copies of the same hero to max out but it is not as annoying as what you have to do in DS. Also, battling in Eredan is more dynamic than DS where you cast IPA,IPD,DEA,DED,HU and your opponent does pretty much the same thing. Using my Eredan Referral Code: 2FEB82, you start with 1500 crystals. Without a referral code you start with 500 crystals.


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Post by rkhtse on Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:39 pm

Thanks for introducing a fun game and thanksĀ for the hard work of putting up an In-depth instruction.

I love this game. But I am still a very novice player.

My game ID at there is BigzamDarkSummoner

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