FOTS Secret Santa Contest!!

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FOTS Secret Santa Contest!! Empty FOTS Secret Santa Contest!!

Post by Juggalo71 on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:45 pm

Hi clannies and great job for reaching 50 in CW5!  Ok..were having another secret santa contest.  You can contact me (which most have) in game or through this.  Each person will be a santa to somebody else.  Prizes will be a monster or ep/bp or can look at their formation and it will give you an idea...don't let know who your santa is!  I will tell you who you get on DEC 13th.  I have to talk to our LT's to decide when to give the prizes.I think we did in on the 23rd last time..I will let you know.  Thanks all and FOTS kicks ass! Twisted Evil

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