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Motor World - iOS (free) - updated Empty Motor World - iOS (free) - updated

Post by bbr on Sun May 05, 2013 6:49 pm

Hey guys, I need just 6 more referrals for the game "Motor World - Car Garage" to complete my collection. I've been working on creating a wiki for this game, and am trying to complete the collection.

My code is: HNGG410 (That's a zero at the end, code is not case sensitive)

To be able to enter it:
* Install "Motor World - Car Garage" : (It's a Free app)

* Create a mobage account using the top-left button. (Or use your existing mobage account from another game.)
* Log in.
* Complete the in-game tutorial - takes a few minutes at most, it's very straightforward.
* Enter the code HNGG410 at the end of the tutorial.

Send me a forum PM to notify me of your account name so I know you are the one who got referred, and I'll gladly return the favor another TCG you own. (other than DS since ive already got that installed)

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