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Post by dare_me on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:12 am

Hi. currently I´m level 48 but I still have problems dealing with formations.
Early on I had all monsters from same level and guild (tyranny) so I had a bonus formation, but as I played on I acquired some A+ and AA monsters which were stronger so I leveled them up.
My current formation is:
*Horned Phantom Tiger + AA+; level 148 (increase dodge rate 1)
*Spear Knight Gillman+ A+: level 56 (increase party defense 2)
*Ray beam parasite A: level 48
*Fafnir+ A+: level 49 (critical rate up 5)
*Explosive demon AA: level 48

I also have some other A/A+/AA:
Purple light Soruluna AA x2
Truthseeker Liqu AA x2
Child of Pit + A+ lvl 49 agility up 3
Tamano-no-Mae + lvl 39 Covert Down 1
Snowstorm Dragon + lvl 15 Psycho Down 1
Lord of Massacre + A+ lvl19
Great Horned Warrior A+ + lvl3
Sky dragon + A+ lvl4 increase party attack 3
Labyrinth Minotaur + A+ lvl 9 critical rate up 1
Scorn Black Wings A Decrease enemy attack 1
Cruel Black Wings A Decrease enemy defense lvl1
Hover Striker A
Belzebub venemou breath 2
Child of purification A lvl 23 slumbering breath 2
Elf Commander lvl27 decrease enemy attack 3
Naga A slumbering breath
and some more B / b+ with skills

Should I increase another monster from my guild Like Snowstorm Dragon +? Should I try and trade some monsters? Please advise because I am lost on this...


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Post by Deathblob on Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:23 am

Best Formation Sigopt10

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