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Price Check List

Post by FT_Destiny on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:02 am

I apologize in advance for the lengthy list, I am just new to Dark Summoner selling market, so I have no idea about the prices on any of my stuff. Thank you in advance to anyone who has some input on what some of my cards are worth and what I can sell them for. (I want to know the EP pricing, by the way)
Thanks everybody and happy holidays!

Level up/stacks:
Soul of Wisdom (x2)
Soul of Wisdom +
DEA (4) x2

Rot Cast (AA)
Scorn Black Wings
Beelzebub +
Beelzebub (x2)
Draining Butcher
Dark Elf Berserker (x2)
Blood Blob (x2)
Skeleton Minotaur
Dragon of Mars
Sear Djinn
Lord of Gluttony

Jade Rhinoceros Beetle (x2)
Sky Dragon (x2)
Hell Hammer Spider +
Hell Hammer Spider (x2)
Hell Scythe Mantis
Naga (x2)
Lost Woods Leshy
Great Horned Warrior
Dragon Of Mercury
Refined Horned Fighter

Child of Purification (x2)
Slaughter Bee Queen (x3)
Lord of Oppression
Typhon the Sea Roarer
Fafnir +
Fafnir (x2)
Snail Queen
White Winged Elite +
White Winged Elite
Dragon of Saturn
Pure Light Embodiment
Unbound Colossus
Dragon of Pluto


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Re: Price Check List

Post by larry378 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:41 am

wisdoms go at 5/2

dea stacks at 3

dragon of mars, typhon, sear djinn, pluto at 2

everything else at 1 or less (many hard to sell)

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