Selling skills,ges,evo,ep,aa's

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Selling skills,ges,evo,ep,aa's

Post by AfflictioN on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:01 am

Skills single 1ep each:

Party defense plus
Party attack plus x2
Party health plus x2
Brute down x4
Beast down x5
Demon down


Health up - 2ep
Dodge      - 2ep
Crit x2       -1ep each
Agility        -1ep 
Dea x4      -2ep each
Ipd            -1ep

Evolution materials:

Great evolution soul x12 - 100ep each (negotiable if you buy more than 3)
Evolution soul x15 - 6ep each


Sorcerer Cetana level 150                  (psy brute)
Violet Winds Duriel level 150              (psy winged brute)
Magna Ice queen level 150 skill lvl 2  (psy brute)
Radiant Valk Nagi level 150 skill 7      (psy winged brute)
Fate Colossus Urth regular level 1     (psy creation)
Chosen Sword Alisa level 150            (psy brute)
Tlon level 150                                     (psy wined brute)
Hibyto level 150                                  (psy winged brute)

280EP in stock, more to be added
Affliction_ro is my Kik id if you want to talk.

Also trading for DOTA2 items/keys


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