Need room for new monsters. Never sold one before.

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Need room for new monsters. Never sold one before.

Post by marques on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:04 am

I haven't sold a single monster since I started playing DS and now I have a full inventory and need to start selling them. So I am unsure as to what they are worth. If anyone could please help me and tell me their values that would be awesome. Thank you.

Sin A
Forsaken Birth Fiend
Zombie Centaur
Fiery Fists of Fury
Jiangshi Fighter
Crimson Lion Guardian
Fire Core x2
Vert Vucub Caquix
Great Lava Lord
Sun Sword Pharaoh
Hammer of Hell
Spite Devil Mage
Furnace Dragon x2
Wretched Black Wing
Two-Faced Devil
Ebony Demon
Jack O'Lance x2
Balrog of Rage
Aya Dragon
Ray-Beam Parasite
Deep Dark Demon x2
Magic Light Dragon
Poison Creep Tail
Bloodfest Demon

Sin A+
Brain Sip+m(5)
Torrent Knight, Dyle+
Deep Sea Destruct+m(6)
Deep Sea Destruct+m(11)
Immoral Witch Hilda+m(2)
Blazing Dragonoid+ x2
Aya Dragon+m(4)
Aya Dragon+m(1)
Jiangshi Fighter+ x2
Blood Flame Colossus+m(7)
Ring Dragon+
Twinblade Spirit Doll+
Festering Aigipan+
Flesh Hungry, Gragel+m(1)
Spear Hunter, Ardeyna+
Pabilsag+ x2
Brave Pharaoh+
Scrap Meat Zombie+
Ghoul Warrior+
Astaroth the Accuser+m(20)
Devil of Endless Night+m(13)
Devil of the Abyss+m(11)
Paimon+m(11) DEA skill
Balrog of Rage+(2)
Deep Dark Demon+
Beelzebub+(13) lvl 9
Hideous Meat Fiend+
Draining Butcher+
Flaming Death Wheels+
Armored Black Tiger+
Ray-Beam Parasite+
Blood Blob+(18) lvl 12
Serpent Demon+
Crimson Lion Guardian+
Shadow Soul Knight+
Reckless Cell+
Released Fenrislfr+m(3)
Crimson Lion Guardian+m
Metal Cyclops+(7) lvl 9
Scrap Zombie+(3) lvl 6

Sin AA
Explosive Demon
Explosive Demon lvl100
Flaming Fists of Fury
Slaughter Doll Adan
Scorching Flame, Sned
Rot Cast
Aura Fist, Gulph+ x2
Red Flash, Souluna+ x2

Psycho A
Shock Tarasque
Hell's Armored Train
Beheaded Lunatic
Slave Dance Sorceress
Grand Demon Warrior
Scaled Chimera x2
Grand Color Bird x2
Lightning Core
Deceit Witch
Arbitration Demon
Death Call Covenant
Rampage Gargoyle x2
Sturdy White Wing
Lord of Oppression
Fortress Engine
Curved Sword Minotaur
White Brawn Golem
Vicissitude Colossus
Ancient Huge Statue x2
Evil Twins
White Winged Oracle
Digger Wasp Queen
Stream Rusalka
Typhon the Sea Roarer
Headhunting Exorcist
White Winged Colossus
Venus Monster Trap

Psycho A+
Typhon the Sea Roarer+
Deceit Witch+
Dawn Lilin+m(20)
Crystal Dragon+ x3
Venus Monster Trap+ x4
Unbound Colossus+56(1)
White Winged Colossus+
Grand Demon Warrior+
Aspidochelone+ x3
Catoblepas+ x2
Current Demon+
Dragon of Saturn+
Grin Antic Demon+
Time Void Golem+
Lightning Core+
Torent Rusalka+
Ancient Huge Statue+
Desolate Swamp King+(4) lvl 5

Psycho AA
Corporeal Devoid
Horned Phantom Tiger x2

Covert A
Sprout Dragon x2
Ravage Claws
Frenzy Dragonite
Elite Dragonborn
Dashing Mantis
Renegade Aruraune
Druj Nasu
Lost Woods Leshy
Mad Lion Barbarian
Dragonlord of Hellfire
Ash Knight
Bayard the Steel Horse
Demon Bait Insect
Metal Shell Seeker
Dream breaker priest
Colossal Scythe Ant
Wind Core
Grieving Mandrake
Terra Ogame
Berserker Mite
Sea of Clouds Dragon
Tide Demon
Poison Hand Mutant
Plaque Dragon
Dragon of Mercury
Mad Horned Fighter
Silverback Warrior(4)

Covert A+
Elite Dragonborn+ x2
Elite Dragonborn+6(5)
Awakened Bestia+m(7)
Mercury Dragon Statue+
Poison Hand Mutant+m(3)
Poison Hand Mutant+
Nightmare Oak+
Simian Lord Hanuman+
Blood Suck Rampage Fly
Crimson Beetle Knight+
Horned Veteran+ x2
Plaque Dragon+
Plaque Dragon+(3) lvl 29
Parasitic Centipede+ x2
Colossal Scythe Ant+ x3
Metal Shell Seeker+ x2
Dream Breaker Priest+
Dust Colossus+m
Witch of Snakes+
Dancing Fairy+
Grieving Mandrake+
Scatter Host+
Berserker Mite+(2) lvl 46

Covert AA
Death Blade Epetamu
Sickle Leg Centipede x3


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Re: Need room for new monsters. Never sold one before.

Post by Deathblob on Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:10 am

Not to worry, Monster Limit increase is here! You can put off selling for a few more weeks at least.

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Re: Need room for new monsters. Never sold one before.

Post by sel on Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:49 pm

Holy got so many crap monster...

Alot of your monster is worth 1 - 2ep. Even if u sell those cheap you will still get a nett a minimum of 50ep.


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Re: Need room for new monsters. Never sold one before.

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