Need advice on my Covert Wyrm Formation

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Need advice on my Covert Wyrm Formation Empty Re: Need advice on my Covert Wyrm Formation

Post by kyan on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:26 pm

phylorak wrote:Ok, so as the title says I'm looking for advice on my formation. Going for a Covert Wyrm at the moment and can't really afford any aa's. Wish I could spend more time selling things and trading but I can't so I'm stuck with alot of stuff.

Right now I'm using the following in my formation

Raging Vitra + Max

Lindwurm + Max

Quertz + Max

Dragonlord of Hellfire + Max

Sky Dragon + Max

The skill lvl's aren't maxed and important atm. I know quertz and vitra have the same skill but i'm only lvl'n vitra's as I'm searching for a skill change for quertz with no luck atm. Big question, is the 5 combo better with this team as opposed to using the 4 combo w/o winged and other wyrms and if so what are the top 5 wyrms to use? If I could find a good aa for a decent price that i could afford i'd go for that but not sure what to look out for. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

There is a thread somewhere debating the merits of winged wyrm versus non. Personally, I prefer the winged for the much higher attack over the non with hydra, plague and/or cloud. The 15% from winged more than make up for the low stat of dragonlord and the added skills from the others doesn't add that much to an attack focus formation.

I would also not bother with a skill change spirit. The only one that might be worth it is lower attack spirit as it is relatively cheap. The useful one like lower defense spirit are really expensive for the benefit imho for a A+ team.

As for AA. The obvious one to add is dragon of disaster or the new wingarm to maintain wyrm formation. However, both are relatively expensive. Dod ~200+ and wingarm is so new that is way more. Also just adding one AA will actually lower the overall stat of the team because of lost of both rarity and level bonus so you'll have to get a AA+ to make it worthwhile. The other option is to abandon the specie combination altogether and just go for a guild AA formation. Dru+ is very cheap for a AA. Odin has fallen alot. Death blade is also very cheap. Even high bp one like hazling is getting to the 100ep mark for an AA. So for the price of a wyrm AA+ you can get multiple covert AA+ and that is more effective than maintaining the wyrm formation imo.

Good luck,


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