Update on Various Amazing-Stuff-Going-On!

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Update on Various  Amazing-Stuff-Going-On! Empty Update on Various Amazing-Stuff-Going-On!

Post by Zamiel on Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:48 pm

=======Tweaks to Forum=========
Changed a few minor things, greatest of all the right for "guests" (non logged in IPs) to view the store forum section so that non-registered users who follow your in-game store link don't have to spend time doing so and can see your wares right away.

"Any NEW Monsters" was deleted from forum from lack of use, "Stores" on the other hand have been a huge success. Smile

=======Full Monster Stat List Almost Complete!!!===========
If you haven't seen it yet, it is epic. CLICK HERE
We are still missing a bunch of A+ and less than a handfull of As (click button below)

Child of Purification
Dragonlord of Hellfire

Devil of the Abyss
Scorn Black Wings
Child of Pit
Blood Blob
Scrap Meat Zombie
Forsaken Birth Fiend
Great Horned Warrior
Jade Rhinoceros Beetle
Uncouth Child
Hell Scythe Mantis
Lord of Blight
Lost Woods Leshy
Flesh Triffid
Elite Dragonborn
Elf Commander
Time Void Golem

Vlad the Executioner
Druantia the Eternal

If you have any of these whose data you would like to contribute, read and post on THIS dedicated thread.

==========Quick Link People to the Forum/your Store/Bestiary===========

People are often wary of clicking shortened links, the latter two cannot be helped, but the first you should use darksummoner.forumotion.com to spread or else people wont do it. Tell your friends, tell random people, spam it!

==========Store Generator & Team Build Calculator Applications==========
I am partially through doing both. For the first all I really have left to do is get the GUI and write a macro to enter all those pieces of data for each of the ~450 mons.

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Update on Various  Amazing-Stuff-Going-On! Empty Re: Update on Various Amazing-Stuff-Going-On!

Post by D_S on Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:48 am

I have a jade beetle if you can get another one ill be more than happy for you to evolve it for the list


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