The forum gets a domain!

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The forum gets a domain! Empty The forum gets a domain!

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:38 pm

Yes, that's right, instead of the unwieldy we will sometime within 5 days (depending on how long it takes forumotion to book my requested address) we will be located at

Questions & Concerns

Q: Why ds-forum, why not darksummonerforum?
A: Well, that .com is already taken and I don't want to do .net etc because no one will remember it and will go to the 10 post total .com forum. Razz Secondly, it is freaking long and what better way to rescue your comments and profiles from the char limit than a short address!

Q: Will old links still go to the new address?
A: Yes, going to will send you to our new site, and so will the tiny-url links floating around.

... PM me to add something below here that I didnt think of ~

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