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Monsters for Trade or Sale Empty Monsters for Trade or Sale

Post by Wheeelz on Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:26 pm

My name on Dark Summoner is: grant
If you want to trade, reply or message me here. Then I will either find my current ranking or do an auction from there.

List of Monsters I'm Trading/Selling:
Pabilsag + (Lvl 22)
Child of Pit +
Fafnir + (Maxed)
Creep Lord + (Lvl 29)
Elf Commander +
Dark Elf Berserker
Uncouth Child
Crystal Dragon
White Wings of Hope
Shock Tarasque (Maxed)
Grieving Mandrake
Lord of Oppression
Dragonlord of Hellfire
Lord of Faith
Scorn Black Wings
Hell Scythe Mantis x2
Cu Chulainn the Slayer
Pure Dark Embodiment
Hell Hammer Spider
Slaughter Bee Queen
Pure Light Embodiment
Sky Navy Slayer
Blood Blob
Lord of Gluttony
Lord of Massacre

I am mainly looking for Purple cards. Specifically:
Chimera +
Lewd +
Touk +
Statue +
Colossus +
White Winged Oracle +
White Wings of Hope
White Wings of Hope +


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