Transferring account to old phone

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Transferring account to old phone Empty Transferring account to old phone

Post by fingerprincess on Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:17 pm

I have two accounts. I have one on my old Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 and one on my new Republic Wireless Moto G. I have my main account on the S3 and my secondary on the Moto G. Since I transferred my phone service from Sprint to Republic I wanted to move my main account the the Moto G. Each time I clear the cache and try to load my main account it auto loads my secondary. At first it will let me load the account but once the application has been closed and reopened the secondary account comes up. I cannot get it to load my main account regardless of what I try. Can someone offer me some advice?

Steps I have taken:
Cleared cache
Uninstall/Reinstall application
Removed Ateam account from secondary account
Factory reset the phone

When I did it the first time it allowed me to make a new account on my S3 but that caused my main account to be locked for 6 days when it would not stay logged in on the Moto G phone so I would like to avoid deleting my main from the S3 until I know it is loaded on the Moto G.


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