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AAs for one AAA Empty AAs for one AAA

Post by imbicile on Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:01 pm

Pick the ones you want, I'm looking for an AAA winged demon
Scales of lightning
Wingarm x2
Gold gorger Dragon
Twisting confusion
Magna Carmilla 
Druantia the eternal x2
Fate colossus urth
Silver wings hibyto x2
Forgotten gaurdian
Blade emperor
Terror misery cthulu
Hundred eyed demon+


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AAs for one AAA Empty Re: AAs for one AAA

Post by rkhtse on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:40 pm

Your can sell 3 AA together @ 1EP.

Or, you can max those AA+ (LV 150), and those AA+ can be sold for 3-4EP each.

Each AA can be coverted to 30 red jewel and there are people willing to buy these AA (AA+ max) for  getting jewel.

After you save 15 - 17 EP, you can try to ask for Sin Demon Wing AAA regular Zodiac Lion Porto, Chaos Incarnate Bekar @ TM.

AAs for one AAA Mystic10

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