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So many AAA Girls Empty So many AAA Girls

Post by rkhtse on Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:33 pm

"A team" did a great job in destroying the game, but it also did a fantastic job in producing girl AAA card.  

80 BP Cypher AAA Demon, Playful Kyari
She is very lovely, cute Loli. I love anime type girls with Big eyes.

90BP Cypher AAA Beast, Twilight Blade, Karyn
Like her outfit. Very cool with the sword.

90BP Cypher AAA Undead, Bone Dragon Shylor
Don't like her dress, but she looks as cool as Yulria.

90BP Cypher AAA Beast, Golden Kick Medium.
No comment, don't really like her.

100BP Cypher AAA Brute, Meteor Rain, Zaynia
One of my favourite, the background match so well with the color.
The girl looks like a heroine that will save the world or universe.

100BP Cypher AAA Demon, Fallen sister of sin.
Another Lesbian. So devil looking, not my taste.

100BP Cypher AAA beast, Luna Illusion, Kaguya.
Bunny girl in japan fashion. I love her.

90BP Psycho AAA Brute, Azurekick Medium
sexy goddness from greek?

90BP Sin AAA Brute, Redfire Suan
She is not bad, but her face appears too large in the photo.

90BP Covert AAA Brute, Flamekick Medium
No comment. Very average.

These are the newer AAA girls, will continue to write the list if I have time.

So many AAA Girls Mystic10

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