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Post by EdwardStarbuck on Fri May 23, 2014 6:26 pm

Come join to build a new clan!  We have several spots open!

Squirrels Divided is:
-A partner clan for those who are currently growing in the game and want to become stronger players.
-Well-organized and friendly (clan chat is being developed on Groupme), to help each other with trades, tips, progs and events. Must use GroupMe for clan chat.
-Close to max level (49)
-Currently working to max facilities upgrades
-Will be working closely with Squirrels United for tips and experience

We have several spots open at the moment as it was a dead alt clan before that is being redone. We are looking for active, friendly and competitive players. Here are our requirements :
-Players transitioning to AAA/EX/AAA+ forms who potentially want to move to the main Squirrels United Clan when they are ready
-Level 40+
-Daily active
-Moderate knowledge of the game
-Friendly, chatty and commited
-Must use the GroupMe app for clan chat

Clan ID is 85455300 but I suggest you PM me first, find my link on the clan member list.  Or kik me @ EdwardStarbuck

Note:  CLAN ID was changed because clan was moved to a clan with higher achievements.



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