Deaths Demise is recruiting! Platinum block 3

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Deaths Demise is recruiting! Platinum block 3 Empty Deaths Demise is recruiting! Platinum block 3

Post by Grapedrank on Mon May 19, 2014 8:18 pm

Hello fellow summoners!

How are you today? I hope great!

Are you looking for a new active group of players to call home? You find yourself looking for more in DS? How about just a more fun in game with a serious group of adults? Well look no further! We have all that and more with our great family. We have been together a year+ and are drama free! There are no donations and facilities are maxed our only rules are don't start drama and withdraw from fights you cannot make it to. Most of us are working adults who live Pst/Central and few Est so we understand the balance of a healthy game environment and actively being competitive while being with our family or working. We are ready for a group of individuals to make this clan their home and become part of our family. 9 300k+ clp members and 11 200k+ clp members working very hard on AAA+/Ex forms, a lot of us are currently lvl'ing AAAs and will be 400k+ soon and well as the 200k+ will be 300k+ soon. If this sounds like your slice of pie come and join us! 56433059 is our clan ID, if you would like to talk to me via kakao my info is Grapedrank949, kik Grapedrank949, Line is Grapedrank949. If you want to talk to a group please msg via kakao as that is our main messenger.

Thank you for your time reading this and i hope to see you in game!
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