Looking for a few good Men! (or women)

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Looking for a few good Men! (or  women) Empty Looking for a few good Men! (or women)

Post by Zurcon on Fri May 16, 2014 3:38 pm

Order of the Insomniacs is looking for few good players. We offer

  • Level 50 clan

  • Sentinel is always active (nobody misses a fight without withdrawing)

  • Top 10 finish each round (4 candles now)

  • Great communication through Kakao

  • Adults with real lives and the understanding that goes with that


We are looking for

  • Minimum 200K CW form (that’s pretty easy today)

  • Activity (if you can’t make it, please withdraw. If you have to be away for extended periods, please let us know)

  • Fun oriented people (we take it serious but have fun too)

  • Folks that use Kakao App (to coordinate fights, and strategy)


We currently have a minimum of 5 openings, but can make more if needed. Please look us up. Our clan ID is 76190969, My Kakao ID is Zurcon12
Look forward to gaming with you!

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