Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan!

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Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! Empty Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan!

Post by R3AP3RK1NG on Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:55 pm

Hello ladies and gents!


Please contakt me on:

Kakao-App ID: JK6372177

or on

KiK-Messenger-App ID: R3AP3RK1NG

I'm currently in a Clan, but the activity is not as good as I wish. Especially on Clan-League-Battles... if it's running good, then only 2-3/5 Sentinels are online and maybe 3 or 4 of the reserves.
I want more! I want to play the game very stratetic with all members doing their best, to reach the highest ranks, which are possible!

I got 6 AAA's atm growing up and 10EX in my back, which I have to evolve soon, so i only got 257k in CP.

Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! _1_42012 Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! 200-at12Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! 200-at13Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! 200-at14Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! 200-at15Searching for a new ACTIVE Clan! 200-at16

My Account-Stats:

Name: R3AP3R K1NG
LV: 116
Guild: SIN
Attack-History: 2042 W/130 L
Defense-History: 387 W/104 L
Acct Age: 510 Days
best Log-In Record: 261 Days

Now I'm Back!

Form Stats:
BP: 407/408
ATK: 90k
DEF: 91k
HP: 100k

I'm from Germany, so if your Clan is made by Germans, it would be great, but it's not the point for me to join!

I'm looking for a clan with clan-chat, like on Skype (InvisibleTrigger), on ICQ (445 443 843), on KiK and or on Kakao... but at the very best with a Teamspeak-Account running, to organize actions In-Time! - Maybe you're interested to do so, then it's also okay and I could be interested!
After I've reached at minimum LV200 with my Account, I'll start to play with cashflow investigations!
I got more than one account... I've had created more than one, while the Comback-Event was running, that's why I got 10EX-Monsters and that 6 AAA's, but beside more than 600AA's! - You can see, that I got much to offer, if I become a member of your clan, but keep in mind, that I want to evolve my 6 AAA's! So I'm in need of them and/or EP/BP's - so I would sell/trade cheap, but not for nothing! Fair Prices, but still in sight of my interests, to grow up stronger which is coupled with my ability to strenghten also the Clan(-League-Formation).
Beside that I got a bunch of Skillstacks of cause... okay, enough!

You can imagine, how great I could support your clan and that Iit would be a great reason to get me, so feel free to contakt me!

Greetz, your Reaper!

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