Dark rebirth may end sooner than expected - hard enemyes = forced to buy rev pots!

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Dark rebirth may end sooner than expected - hard enemyes = forced to buy rev pots! Empty Dark rebirth may end sooner than expected - hard enemyes = forced to buy rev pots!

Post by MoRandi on Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:59 am

I am posting this here, cant find nothing relevant anywhere, probably people doesn't give interest because of the money-hunger A-team has.
I have a Maxed lvl AA team, the four bosses form towers and dragon bulnaba the last event reward, they have good skills, all almost lvl 20 (skills like DEA, DED, IPA, IPD, rush, revive, heal, evade and all needed others..
And with all of these, starting with the last quests added, from Easterly monastery till than, it's imposible to kick the mobs before ending a quest without useing 2-3 revival post, i almost finished a stock of about 50 collected from the start until now, since all quests are done 100% until those mentioned before.
I choose only ally monster that has revive and with mine i have 2, i never skip battles, i always focus attacks on strongest monster, u pause the battle often to use strategies, i use revive and immediate heal if 3 or more of my monsters are wiped out, and with all these, with a best form and tactics it's imposible, how the hell a b monster with 600 atk lvl 1 and skill lvl 1 (if he has) in game deals 25k dmg and kill my monster in 1 hit, sometimes 4 mobs wipe my 6 monster form completely from first battle with hp and skills available, and i miss or don't deal crit even with focus skill lvl 20, i give 14k dmg and mob not dead...it's not fair what A-team does, so i think this game will die soon, luckely i havent yet used cash to get SP...like i did in DS

Like many other freewre games i understand that those games must have a premium currency for those who want things faster or a little advantage, but hello A-Team, do you know what the hell freeware means, that any player can play if he cannot affrod to buy ur damn shit points.
But no, DR is practically unplayable, if ur out of rev pots, u simply can't pass quests, they force you to use alot money to get rev pots, and its damn cheap (1$ each) considering you have to use 2-3 per quest run and must do quest 5-6 times for 100% and 7 quests till u finish an area, calculate urself...

In a freeware game i always pay for currency to show a little respect for a developer (if that game attracts me) but what A-team does, no way, i will never buy alot SP just to pass a quest...
Ok i understand a boss must be toughter and need 1 potion to pass, but the mobs, no way, thank God i havent used cash in this game, and i rather quit than spend if they keep it like this, when i will finish my rev pots and cannot go further i will quit if they dont change something, only then i may play this game further and buy SP
If i decide to buy SP is if i want and use them as i want (preferably dark summons) but not to buy because they force me if i want to play and pass a quest, and i don't want to be forced to do so, and i will quit because i wont play a game just to enter each 12 hours to do a scavenge that brings a rank C monster and 800 AP

In the end, A-team hunger for money, will bankrupt them, stupid are those who will continue to support them nomatter if they ruined the games...

I hope anyone agrees with me, and let-s mail them...


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