General Strats for Hellfire

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General Strats for Hellfire Empty General Strats for Hellfire

Post by KrystaK on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:47 am

I am going to break this down into some general areas. These are going to be the areas I am going to cover in this,  general terms and information, Evolution and inheritance in detail, Event types, best 3 star monsters  and 4 star monsters.

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General Strats for Hellfire Empty General Information

Post by KrystaK on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:12 am

Ok now there is several aspects on how this game is broken down. 

Stars is what level a monster is,  The more stars the better the monster.   The range is from 1-5 stars currently at stage 1 and all cards gain a star upon reaching stage 4. Also the higher the star rating the higher the max level of a card is. 3 star is a max of level 50, a four star is a max of level 65 and 5 star is a max of level 80 ect.

Stage is the number of times a card has been evolved.   A card can be evolved a max of 3 times.   There is several ways of evolving a card and will discuss that later in this writeup. 

Inheritance is when evolving a card depending on the level of the card and the stats the resulting card will have better stats the higher you level the card a card from level one to minus max level of the card will gain 5% inheritance while a max level gains 10%. 

There is 4 elements in this game,  Earth Water Fire and Death.   Every card has a strength against aspect Like earth will do 2x the damage against water card and it works in reverse as water will only do half against Earth.  I did put them in order as who is strong against who at the top with death being 2x against earth.  

You can really break down cards into 5 categories,  These are not official terms but  they are pure damage,  balanced damage,  balanced, balance tank,  pure tank.  

Pure damage usually has about a 63/37 damage to hp ratio
Balanced damage  usually has about a 55/45 damage to hp ratio
Balanced is just how it sounds 50/50 damage to hp ratio
Balanced tank usually has around a 45/55 damage to hp ratio
Pure tank usually has around a 37/63 damage to hp ratio. 

Now these can vary by 1-2% but in general you see these very clearly when you look at monsters information.

Elites are monsters that have a damage and health bonus during a raid event.  The bonus only works on raid monsters and once the event is over the bonus is gone.  The are also easier to level during the event as they build xp 3 times faster.


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General Strats for Hellfire Empty Evolution and Inheritance

Post by KrystaK on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:55 am

Now in general there is 3 standard ways of evolution.  There is basic,  smart and royal but evolving a card can fall anywhere in between. 

Basic is basically ignoring inheritance and just evolving a card both at level one all the way up to stage 4.  It is the fastest way to evolve a card but also you end up with the weakest final product.

Smart is evolving 3 stage one cards to a stage 3 then leveling to max then taking a stage 1 max level card and evolving to stage 4.  I will show you the math but in general smart is the most efficient way to level a card that is good.

Royal is basically never evolving a card until you get it to max level along with the other card.  So you take 2 stage ones  both max level and evolve them .  Then take the stage 2 level it to max and evolve it with another stage 1 max level.  then take the resulting stage 3 max level it and evolve it to stage 4 with another max level stage one. 

Now i will break down the info using a pyrobuncle as an example

Basic this is the numbers Each stage 1 buncle 1087 attack 1264 life
Now a basic pyrobuncle is this at stage 4 max level 8703 attack and 10361
A smart buncle is 9930 attack 11880 hp
A royal buncle is 10071 attack and 12018 hp

So you can see that there isnt much gain as of life and damage if you do smart vs royal.  In general I personally do not royal anything but a better 4 star or greater card.  Now if you are going to skip any step the fist step of evolving its the least noticeable.  a 2-1-1 royal hybrid would put you nearly to a full royal on a pyrobuncle.   this is a guess but it would be around 10060 attack and 12000 hp so not much loss.


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General Strats for Hellfire Empty Types of events

Post by KrystaK on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:47 am

As of the writing of this there is 3 events in Hellfire although one of the 3 hasn't been around in a long time.   There is the alternating dungeons and raid events.  There was a hunting type of event but we havent seen them since December of 2012. 

Raid events are basically set up like this, you do general quests and look for a raid monster.  Find the raid monster and with the help of who is playing the game you can send a request for help (( this does NOT use your ally list unless the ally is on playing the game))

General strats are as follows. 

Raid monsters will have a type but they are not always all that type of element you cannot set your deck lets say to 9 fire cards against a death raid mob and expect to do the most damage.   A balanced deck is better with the weakness of the raid monster as your first line and 2 neutral lines filling out the other 2 .  So in general unless i have an amazing prog in this case earth i would use fire water and death against a death raid mob.   if you have a good prog a hybrid line can work too but will want to set it in a line that would be useful ,  You wouldnt put a earth prog in a fireline because fire would chase death and make the prog weaker.  in a water line it would be better.

The harder the raid mob the more points and summons you get for killing it.  If you do the most damage on the mob you get what is called an mvp bonus which increases your points by 3x or higher. 

The person that finds a raid mob gets a free basic energy also the last person to hit a mob and get the kill shot gets one.  You have stored basic energy and active ,  During the event you have up to 3 basic energy active and it regens 1 per 15 minutes as long as you have 2 or less active.  You can store as many reserve or banked energy as you want. 

The biggest raid monsters appear on day 3 of the event,  the legionaries give the best rewards and are up for 2 hours at a time 3 times a day.

Dungeons play similar to general questing with a cool move animation.  They are divided up into 3 areas of increasing difficulty.   the harder the area the more points you get for   clearing a step so it pays to get into the harder area.   Once every five steps there is a floor boss called an illusionist.  On the 2 easiest areas the illusionist is captureable  at the last floor which is 10.   And the hardest the illusionist is able to be caught at floor 5 but the higher one will be floor 10 .  The hardest one is 20 floors instead of 10

The lower the point value for items the easier they are to catch but also the deeper you are in an area the easier it is to catch a spirit or an illusionist.  So floor 10 of the easiest area will give you the best returns on blue and red spirits.   but they give the least amount of points.  The illusionist on floor 20 of the hardest area is easier to catch then the floot 10 one of the same hardest area. 

Red moving spirits int he hardest area can crit and really hurt you so be careful also any moving monster in the hardest area hits harder then anything else so best get rid  of it ,  they also give a ton of points for the area.

 Unless they bring hunting events back I will not talk about it.


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General Strats for Hellfire Empty Re: General Strats for Hellfire

Post by HelloKitty on Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:33 am

Great rundown on the game KK.  If anyone is a little confused on this and wants to play jump in the chat room here.  Usually 1 of us Hellfire players is in there and can help you out with Q&A.

General Strats for Hellfire Hero10

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General Strats for Hellfire Empty Re: General Strats for Hellfire

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