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Post by spexmc on Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:19 pm

Is anyone else frustrated with the crazy high ep that these events require. You click and click and you get no treasure and all sudden you have spent 600 energy. Some of the levels require 15ep just for one supposed "chance" at treasure. I would like the AA that is offered, but I have spent crazy amount of potions and haven't gotten anywhere close. Can we all email A Team under the game inquiries and complain. Obviously the more ep required, the less chance of getting a treasure to trigger which is the case in all of the events in past and even going through missions. This is a known issue with them (received email confirming this) and yet they raise treasure to impossible levels. This game is turning out to be 99 percent frustration and 1 percent fun...


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New Event Devil's Triangle Empty Re: New Event Devil's Triangle

Post by Magickiller on Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:00 pm

go for the missions that have a lower EP consumption count. I usually go for the ones that give 50 pts per treasure collected and now have ~120k and only spent 50 My 100 EP and 15 My EP.

Only 540 energy points and im using a prog.

My advice is to do the missions that cost 8-10EP or so. The 12-15 ones are not all that great.

Hope I helped

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