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Looking to trade! Empty Looking to trade!

Post by BigBad on Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:46 am

Ally ID: 2773539307

So difficult with the interface they have developed so far...

Looking primarily for Reaper Kilvinys (dominate skill), Non-raid boss psycho winged brutes, Non-raid boss AAs

I have:

Sin: Benevolent Winged Mermaid (winged mystic), Desert Dweller (beast), 
Covert: Great Naga Warrior (demon), Simian Lord Hanuman (beast), Deep Sea Captive (demon), Hydra (wyrm), Horned Hero (brute), Glamorous Alraune (demon)
Psycho: Blood Blush Vanessa (brute), Cursed Georug (brute), Cuchulain (brute)
Cypher: Hellcrab (crawler), Flurry of Swords (brute)

Covert: Fairy Doyen Tita (winged mystic), Destructive Idol (creation)

Also looking to trade Dark Summoner stuff so if all you did was get your pre registration reward (reaper kilviny) and move on, I'm willing to throw 5 ep at each dominate skill.


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