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Post by TheDarkBrootherhood on Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:45 pm

Newly formed, The Dark Brotherhood is led by a seasoned veteran. We created this clan to push progression with likeminded players. Even if you're a low level we have a team that can bring you up to par with our level. We take the time to hand pick our players because we want the best of the best. Being active is a must if you want to join! We will always be offering advice on how to create elite formations. Tips and Tricks for you new players so you do not make the same mistake we did our first time around Razz

Contact info: for any questions about the clan or in game questions. If you want to talk with us post Stryder or OrbaliskBane.
ID: 38642551
Additional info: We would like to create a clan website. OrbaliskBane is a seasoned veteran from the popular game World of Warcraft he will be handling emails and constructing the clan website.
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