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Random Anime to pass time(suggestions) Empty Random Anime to pass time(suggestions)

Post by Demosnam on Fri May 24, 2013 11:42 pm

I'm pretty bored, so i'll just post these randomly. If anyone has any suggestions, put em up, and i'll watch em. If you need any help with any titles, just ask. I do watch too many, it's something I take pride in. If this is too much, i'll delete the post. Somehow.

Trying to keep synopsis short n sweet.
Minor spoilers.

* mark incredible ones.
?mark questionable ones.

?Air Gear
-Bleeegh. Air gear is a new type of skating. Huge fanservice, straight plotline, dynamic characters. Still, bleegh.

Angel Beats
-Great show, if a bit effed up. Kid wakes up without memories to find himself at highschool. He's in the middle of a battlefield. Also, he can't die. Next to no fanservice, and a really touching story.

-Watch it watch watch it watch it watch it. Oddities are things humans put beliefs in, such as Vampires, gods, spirits... And our main man is part vampire. With an insatiable urge to help people. Not for a younger audience.

-Battle royale over lunchables. Man, kids who can't cook have it rough... Absolutely need to see. A little fanservice, with a neat plot that doesn't take itself too seriously, and you have an amazing little story.

Black Rock Shooter
-Mehh, it's okay. Based off a song from vocaloid, it gained it's own show. Makes no sense.

Code Geass

Code Geass R2

****Cowboy Bebop
-If you haven't seen this, shame on you. Seriously, watch it. Cowboy bounty hunter in space.

*[C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
-Incredible storyline, incredible characters, 10/10. Man runs out of money and finds another source... The financial district. Fight for your life, and exchange your future for money.

Darker than Black
-Interesting.... Contractors are devoid of emotion, and thus, are perfect killing machines in human form, with an added ability.

Deadman Wonderland
-not my cup o tea. Kids gets blamed for killing his classmates, sent to an amusement park prison, think the Colosseum for inmates. Fight to the death!

Dream Eater Merry
-Reaally damn good, all them nightmares and cats and cute things. I can't even explain this one. It's straight up good.

Fate Stay Night
-More of a wtf, but it's okay, and if you watch this, Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Zero is a must. Heroes of legend are pulled into modern tokyo to fight for the holy grail.

-Really old, and it's pretty funny. Originally a gangster, this man has reformed himself to be a teacher(barely) and is set with the dreaded class that burns out any new teachers.

*Guilty Crown
Kid who gets all teh girls and saves the world? Bleegh. This is a kids whose entire life is kinda fucked up and preplanned. Woooh! uuuugggh, it's so good, but sooooo bad.

Hayate No Gotoku
-Slice of life, not that interesting.... Kid is left with a 1.5 million debt on his head, left by his parents. Resorts to kidnapping rich girl, who offers him a job as a butler.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
-Closest you're getting to porn on my list. Self explanatory name.

4 girls, start band, cutesy stuff....

Mayo Chiki
-*shudders* feel bad for the protagonist. Our gynophobic main character is blackmailed with a deep dark secret...

Midori Days
-Just straight up weird. Something about a right hand, and a girl's one sided love?...

Munto TV
-Alternate universe magical girl thing, so why not?

-Lolol coming of second christ where everything is a massive joke with tons of action and people dying and reviving. Must see! Really!

-Sequel to bakemonogatari. Fanservice errywhere, and the closest you're getting to incest. Optionaaaaal.

-Weird stuff. Stay away.

Persona 4
-Video game anime, rather well recieved, but the game was better.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
-LOLOLOLOL MUST WATCH FUNNIEST SHIT EVER, SCRATCH the porn stuff i said earlier, this is as close as you get. 2 angels sent from heaven, obsessed with sex and sugar, must collect heaven coins to return to heaven.

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
-Hero, saves the day, best friend evil, girl he likes is god, ya know.

-Time traveling data, girl who dies over and over again, final destination style, dunno what to say...

*******The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
-Story of a monster just trying to take a few more naps. gotta say, this is something else. really gooood though.

Tales of the Abyss
-Main protagonist is..... don't want to spoil it. Game was fun!

Tales of Symphonia
-Holy shit, i have never seen a more interesting story. Waiiiiit, FFVII. Crisis core.

The World God Only Knows
-Lolol, video game nerd turns into forced romantic. Funniest thing ever. Cute too.

The World God Only Knows II
- sequel

*Toaru kagaku no Railgun
-Espers in the science region of academy city duke it out! Must watch! Protagonist is Hyper power esper.

*Toaru majutsu no Index
-Magicians in magic portion of academy city plot secretly. Must also watch! Protagonist is low weak level nub with a negation effect.

-Cutest romance of all time. May have coined term Tsundere.

-Hero shit, deep dar, mysterious. If you like this, gantz is also a good choice. I didn't.

-Hoo boy, what a rush. Pretty crazy stuff. Racing, but still great.

?Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
-Oreimo forever!

Ao no Excorcist

Nekomonogatari Kuro
-Very good, watch this before/after bake.

-Manga better IMO, but still, worth the time(maybe)

Black Lagoon
-Great show *pukes* uggggh, the twins, the twins, THEEE TWINSSSSSS. fun to watch.

-hmmm, forgot to watch this.

?Break Blade
-Mecha, what more do you want!

?Highschool of the Dead
-From a porn artist to a creepy horror told in zombies and dead people. whew.

?Highschool DxD
-yeah, no, this isn't worth watching.

-Masochistic main character, sadistic female, ya know, this isn't for everyone.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
-An incredible tale of a normal boy who met a girl who was secretly a god, who created the world. And theei everyday life.

And with that, i have spammed enough. If you want in-depth detail on any one of these, google is your friend. Or I am.

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