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Sinfully Slayers Recruiting! Empty Sinfully Slayers Recruiting!

Post by cow7cow on Sun May 05, 2013 2:31 pm

Hey everyone, Sinfully Slayers is recruiting! We're a clan of fun, chatty individuals that are looking for likeminded people to share in the awesome experience that is Dark Summoner. We have max leveled attack facilities and level 8 hp/def facilities. We are looking for active players who are level 80+ (though a few levels below that won't really matter) and who are willing to donate gold to help us achieve max facility clan bonuses (for the greater good). My IGN is Belzelga (ID:2293801376) and I'm one of the clan lieutenants, so feel free to contact me in-game or via the forum if you have any questions. Hopefully see you around! Smile

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