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Growing, Active and Helpful Empty Growing, Active and Helpful

Post by BlackMaverick on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:06 pm

Outer Heaven
What we are looking for;
*An active Lt, lvl 70+ preferably
-Active and helpful members
-lvl 40+ preferably.
-Willingness to communicate using either the game or an outside app

What we have to offer;
*General and Lt's that will help if asked. We don't have everything you may need but we may have something close. A friendly clan that will help you when you need it is really all we guarantee.
We are a growing clan that is under reconstruction. We have 16 slots left for new members, and the towers are all lvl 4. We don't demand anything from our players, except that they actually communicate. No point in a dead clan.

If interested please post; Lvl and form, or just try and apply directly, clan id 56389929


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