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Immortalis - New iPhone TCG Empty Immortalis - New iPhone TCG

Post by refunds on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:29 pm

If you want to try a new card game try Immortalis for the iPhone. It
just came out of beta and seems really fun. My invite code is Kw0edQ. The flow/layout of the game is very nice. The PvP is also very guild oriented so its super fun. Would be cool to have more people in the game!

Invite Code: Kw0edQ


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Immortalis - New iPhone TCG Empty Re: Immortalis - New iPhone TCG

Post by bbr on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:28 pm

The pvp only happens at set intervals,

1800 CET
2100 CET
2400 CET

And each time lasts 1 hour.
That's a decent design model, but if you're unable to attend those hours - you're kind of missing out.

Aside that,. the PvE is very limited,. I managed to finish all the missions within a few weeks and then ,.. all you're left with doing is repeating the last mission and never progressing.

Edit: Seems there's an event going on right now. Right on!

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