Auction value, please help

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Auction value, please help

Post by elcapitangrande on Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:19 pm

So I have an auction up.. Its
Bayard +
Gusion + (5)
Mad lion + (6)
Beast soul knight +
hanuman reg
None are maxed.

Im getting a few offers:

1st is MLD Max + (20)
blood flame coll
and other junk

Blue steel + max
and ring dragon + nd some other creation

Plague dragon + Max (4)
Quetzal + Max (4)
Raging Vritra + Max (6)
Lindwurm + Max (5)
Sky Dragon + (2)

These are the best so far, but Im not sure if I should take the last one because its maxed monsters wth skills and also pretty rare dragons.
Or wait for a pure ep offer. lol
Thanks, I appreciate any input on the matter

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