Selling EP, items, and a few AA's.

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Selling EP, items, and a few AA's. Empty Selling EP, items, and a few AA's.

Post by GrazzleGritch on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:11 pm

I am quitting this game and need to get rid of anything and everything.

List of items:
320 Energy Potions
15 Battle Point Potions
7 Elixir
18 Monster Limit Plus
61 1st Dark Lord Crystal

Omni Dragon, Kanna
Omni Wolf, Seta
Dragon of Terra
Dragon Of Venus
Dragon of Neptune
Assassin Cast+
Rot Cast (x2)

Astaroth the Accuser+ Lv70 (Preemptive Strike 7)
Devil of Endless Night+ Lv70 (Decrease Enemy Defense 9)
Black Wings of Despair+ Lv70 (Covert Down 5)
Kyuuki+ Lv70 (Revive 2)
Deep Dark Demon+ Lv70 (Increase Dodge Rate 1)
Blood Quencher Sekhmet+ Lv70 (Increase Party Attack 2)
Lust Trap Necromancer+ Lv70 (Impulse Down 2)
Typhon the Sea Roarer+ Lv70 (impulse Down 4)
Devil of the Abyss+ Lv70 (increase Party Attack 9)
Plague Dragon+ Lv70 (Decrease Enemy Defense Cool
Lindwurm+ Lv70 (Agility Up 9)
Hydra+ Lv70 (Venomous Breath 6)
Sky Dragon+ Lv70 (Increase Party Attack 9)
Spore Dragon+ Lv70 (Decrease Enemy Attack 10)
Flame Kagutsuchi+ Lv70 (Decrease Enemy Defense 2)
Deep Sea Destruct+ Lv70 (Increase Party Defense 16)
Labyrinth Minotaur+ Lv70 (Critical Rate Up 9)
Released Fenrisulfr+ Lv70 (Increase Dodge Rate)
Crimson Lion Guardian+ Lv70
Kali of Massacre+ Lv70 (Psycho Down 3
Sear Djinn+ Lv70 (Preemptive Strike 9)
Gusion+ Lv32 (Health up 7)

And many skills! PM me for details.

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Selling EP, items, and a few AA's. Empty Re: Selling EP, items, and a few AA's.

Post by BonScott on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:34 am

sent you PM

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