Ideal to find to a casual player to battle

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Ideal to find to a casual player to battle

Post by francofong667 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:13 am

1. first of all, my english suck, I am a asian with poor english, forgive me.

2. pick up casual player to battle because they have better money reward, they are not banking frequently or they dont have idea to bank.

3. it might work only for lower lvl, higher lvl player should have more experience about banking.

4. no offensive to anyone, just make more fun for this game.

5. casual player sign when you open the battle manual:

#1) using the monster that different to their guild.
#2) the leader not A+ or not AA+
#3) over 100bp
#4) using prog. monster, it is the ideal when they are burning their EPs.

I would say I have few times to cap 1xxk gold, I never cap 2xx gold once.

Besides, I have many experience to have epic battle to other pro-player, like sin demon vs phycho brute (both are full lvl/full skill whatever), normally, you will not have many money reward, since they know bank money well. No bother I am tired for those epic battle, and it is high bp demand, like bp90+, I dont know it. For those people for such high BP formation they may have to wait a lot time to battle once, or they will go to other people wall and yell "battle me and win I will gift you" something like that.

Finally, my formation is 24bp (Huri AA+ with 4 beast C monster), I just maximize all bonus that I can and it is not a strong team, I lose a lot. if
people want cap money faster sure you have to lower the usage of BP.

Good Luck have fun! Laughing


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