Resetting game.

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Resetting game.

Post by Torroth on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:42 pm

I had started one account and when I was on that account I had done a back up. Then something happened to my phone and had to do a factory reset. Before I did that I had backed up all of my data and I had thought I had written down and saved my Player ID and IID to my laptop. Then something else happened to my phone and it froze this time. Ended up taking it back to the store and they basically gave me an upgraded one for free. So went back and downloaded DS, went to my laptop and couldn't find my player ID file anywhere. Contacted Ateam and of course they said they couldn't help. So I started a new account. Got the new account well past my original account. This time not only did I write the player information down I had it emailed to me. Then I noticed that I could have my back up data restored on my new phone. So I did that forgetting that DS was also stored on there. Now I'm stuck back on my old account.

I've tried deleting the data. I've tried uninstalling the game but I can't get the game to reset. Is there anyway short of a factory reset to reset the game so I can get my second account information in so I can continue from that account?


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the easiest way to reset

Post by somebodyinmd on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:18 pm

If you want to reset go to settings, backup and reset,uncheck backup on Google account and do your reset it should work it had for me. Hopefully this is helpful.


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