Long, long list

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Long, long list

Post by KaitoX on Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:21 am

I've got quite a bit I want to dump. I've been playing for longer than I care to admit and this is my first time trying to actually unload on some forums.

On the market:
Great Horned Warrior
12th Dark Lord Crystal
Lord of Massacre
Battle Point Potion
Shivers of Death, Tila
Scrap Meat Zombie
Terra Flama Dragon
Stream Rusalka
Parasitic Centipede
Creep Lord
Lord of Rage
Lord of oppression
Elf Commander
Cruel Black Wings
Blood-Suck Rampage Fly

Not on Market:
Elf Commander (16)
Child of Purification(16)
Hell Scythe Mantis (11)
Lightning Core
Child of Pit
Stream Rusalka
Crystal Dragon
Chalk Dragon
Pure Light Embodiment
Lord of Sloth
Pure Light Embodiment
Child of Purification
Blood Blob
Scaled Chimera
Tides of Artlantis
Bloodlust Queen, Femes
Lost Woods Leshy
Sea of Clouds Dragon
Child of purification
Volcanic Beast
Wings of Execution
Naga General
Jiangshi Fighter
Flesh Triffid
Blood-scuk Rampage Fly
Sky Navy Slayer
Lord of Sloth
Uncouth Child
Hell Ice Dragon
Lost Woods Leshy
Sea of Clouds Dragon
Claws of Catasrophe
Enchanting Alraune
Azure Knight, Dyadra
Azure Knight, Dyadra
Crimson Rupture
Vlad the Executioner
Fate Colossus, Urth
Sweet Toxic Alraune
Ice Lord, Xuanwu
Infernal Bicorn

I expect primarily EPs for these.
On the off chance someone wishes to trade cards instead then my current shopping list is;

Heaven's Wrath, Soltan
Radiant Valkyrie, Nagi
Infinity Wings, Amiyla
Winged Primordial, Ast
Cyan Flash, Zera
Purgation Agent, Tlon
Galateia of Torment
Crimson Dragonoid
Aquatic Lord, Marme


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Re: Long, long list

Post by applesauce on Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:47 am

fyi, a lot of those are only worth their skills, so itll be far easier on the eyes if you just listed them as such, aka: ded(1) x8 rather than the names of eight diff monsters

also azure knight is untradable


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