Trading good A and AA for almost anything

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Trading good A and AA for almost anything

Post by Fated on Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:28 am

Yo my names Fated and I have a few things I want and a few things im selling. I will update this shop daily with things I may want to get rid of. The things I want will probably always stay the same. If you want something that's not listed under what I'm getting rid of then ask me( I may just have it Wink) Also you can offer anything on any of these I will tell you if I accept your deal or not.
Getting rid of:
         Bp       Name                                    Species             Rank          Guild

  • 50        Blazehoof Behemoth               Beast                 A                Sin
  • 50        Warrior Gargoyle                    Creation             A                Psycho
  • 40        Scoria Primate                        Beast                 A                Sin
  • 34        Shivers of Death, Tila              Undead              A                Covert
  • 30        Judge Minos                            Demon              AA              Sin
  • 30        Zombie Centaur                      Undead              A                Sin
  • 30        Fangs of Terror                       Beast                 A                Covert
  • 30        Shocking Colossus                   Creation             A                Psycho
  • 28        Death Blade Epetamu              Creation             AA              Covert
  • 26        Ice Queen, Arynl                     Mystic                AA               Psycho
  • 22        Violet Winds, Duriel                 Brute                 AA               Psycho

What I'm looking for:
         Bp       Name                                    Species             Rank          Guild

  • 35       War Songstress, Suera            Brute                  A/A+          Psycho
  • 35       Crushing Aura Goliath              Brute                 A/A+          Psycho
  • 34       Silver Armor Giant                   Brute                 A/A+          Psycho
  • 34       Death Dancer                         Brute                  A/A+          Psycho
  • 31       Aura Blade, Lance                   Brute                  A/A+          Psycho

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