Leveling Up Your Account

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Leveling Up Your Account

Post by Nesfuratu on Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:58 am

This topic has to do with how much experience it takes to level up for more skill points all the way up to the current level cap of 230. This may or may not help you plan for how many skill points to designate to energy or BP or it may just be a simple novelty to you. Regardless hopefully someone finds it useful and if not whatever.

Leveling Up Your Account
Leveling up is a pretty straightforward process. You gain experience and when you reach a certain point you level up. But there are some nuances and shortcuts that you can take to level up faster.

The rule of thumb is energy points help you level up faster and at no point in the game have I seen it otherwise. 

Energy Points

  • Missions - For every 1 progress achieved you gain 1 exp. So if the mission requires 20 energy per progress you gain 20 exp per movement.

  • Events - For every 1 progress achieved you gain an extra 1 exp. So if it requires 1 energy per progress you gain 2 exp. 20 energy per progress you gain 21 exp.

Battle Points

  • Battles - For every battle depending on the level of your opponent you can gain 1-12 experience points. So if you use 250 bp per battle for 12 exp its not much.

  • Events - Usually you can gain slightly more exp in events. While not a 1-1 ratio or better like energy points it is better than standard battles by a longshot.

This goes to show that if you want to level up quickly you should focus your skill points in your energy slot and once you are a decent level and have enough energy points to handle most energy based tasks you can then start putting points into BP so you can field a decent form. But at first you want to focus heavily on energy.
Experience Needed To Level Up
After completing the opening story line on a new account you start at level 3. For the first fifteen levels the game uses set incremental increases in experience required to level up. So from level 3-4 it takes four exp from 4-5 it takes seven exp (3 more) then from 5-6 it takes 11 exp (4 more than before). After that from level fifteen and on the formula changes and it is easier to determine how much exp is needed per level. You simply take your current level (e.g. 165) and multiply it by the next level you would reach (e.g. 166). So if you are level 165 and working towards level 166 you would use the simple equation of 165x166=27,390 exp required to level up.

As always this and much more on the DS guide site. Link in my signature. If anyone has questions regarding this or something else game related feel free to PM me or contact me on KiK for a much faster response.


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Re: Leveling Up Your Account

Post by Ologolos on Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:00 pm

Another thing to consider: A lot of events and missions award a bulk exp award after clearing a milestone. For instance, if you complete 5 floors in a tower event & defeat a boss, you might get 20 exp.
 I don't know if there's a formulaic approach to determining how much this bulk award is, though.

What I'd like to know:

Given some base assumptions to simplify the calculations (example, 1 exp per 1 energy use in missions and no battling, and all accumulated status points devoted to energy), approximately how many energy refills would it take to get from level 15 to level 230?

If you feel like putting something together, I'd definitely love to hear it Smile I'm too lazy/busy at the moment to attempt it.


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