Trading DS for nfl matchup accts

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Trading DS for nfl matchup accts

Post by kingspade513 on Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:24 pm

I'm trading all my Dark Summoner for NFL Matchup Accounts I have all the emails and password you will use kik kingspade513 here's my list of what I'm offering

Skull of flames+ M pap(3)
Magna carmilla+ M idea(5)
Axes of annihilation+ M PHP(2)
Beast Herder+ M ipa(20)
Sara death messenger+ M PD(6)
Sacred light M ipd(1)
ash bahamut lvl 30 ipa(2)
Ash bahamut lvl 1
Creation down spirit
Claws of pain lyuz
Enticing mandrake
Necromancer of death+ M PHP(1)

If anything interest you kik me and we'll work it out


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