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Mega Cheap Sellout

Post by klin4ev on Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:29 am

Hello guys since i am leaving the game i make this topic so every one of you can see up the things i have to offer before i leave the gonna do a huge sellout with epic discounts on everything so listen carefully.
My team i would like to sell whole it includes these monsters
Creation Team all AA+ with 4x combo with 110k all stats
Ball Lightning Avatar+ (m) party def plus 20

Fate Colossus Urth+ (m) changed skill to DED 18

Corporeal Devoid+ (m) crit rate up 20

Dragonian Colossus+ (m) changed skill to IPD on 17

Formless Nyar+ (m) IPA 18

my whole team i am selling for 65$

I got also 538 ep and 274 bp which i am selling 30 cents per ep and 40 cents per bp

I also have one AAA The Almighty Gangrid on lvl 143

AA+ Katone with changed skill to demon down (20)

IPD,IPA,DEA,DED skill spirits and 3 GES

i am selling also the whole account that is lvl 102 with all its monsters in it for the amazing 500 $

all prices are negotiable and will be taken in mind of all your others me here on my skype Super_ludiq or my mailĀ


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