Selling 4x Combo +m(20) A+ Sin Demon Team

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Selling 4x Combo +m(20) A+ Sin Demon Team

Post by MoRandi on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:26 pm

As title says, i'm selling my A+ sin demon team, here are the monsters and skills:

Foul Fusion +m(20) Health UP
Canonfire Demon +m(20) DEA
Flame kagutsuki +m(20) DED
Hellfield Devil Asura +m(20) IPA
Child Of Pit +m(20) Agi UP

With this team i crushed any A+ teams and all low and mid AA teams, best skills needed, all work done for ya, only buy and use, im looking for arround 200 EP for this team, BUT price is negociable, i also take GES as 75 or BP 1:1, reply here or PM for more details.

Get it while u still can get a full team before new trade system, gl Smile


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