Strawhat Pirates (Clan Id: 79859272) Join Us! hahaha

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Strawhat Pirates (Clan Id: 79859272) Join Us! hahaha

Post by Jacks341 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:57 pm

We are the Strawhat Pirates (Clan Id: 79859272) and we are searching for everything the world has to offer. Join us and we shall plunder the world, and sacrifice those caught in the wake of our destruction. This is truly the great summoner's age! We shall annihilate all those who oppose us.

Level 23 clan - with all facilities upgraded. Roughly 600k ally strength for raids as of 6/14/13, but we are growing every day

We are a friendly group of all types, from casual to hardcore. As clan members, we provide aide when others request it, including gifts to newer members. Wave the Strawhat flag with pride !


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