Need some active players for lvl 50 clan

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Need some active players for lvl 50 clan

Post by echoside on Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:53 pm

We found out recently who is quite active, who is somewhat active, and who is nowhere to be found.
Had about 4 heavy players throughout the clan war and some lower level guys who did what they could, but alot of people didn't even bother.

Sooooo we're recruiting new people, would like to see at least lvl 100 and a somewhat formidable team or better. Above all else though is willingness to participate

We're lvl 50 stats are 4.5% across
Not gonna ask you to dump all your gold in either or share potions, just play

Send me a pm if interested, it may be a day or two or longer to get everything sorted out but I'll respond

(we clan ranked at 97th if interested)


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