Over 100 A+ & A monsters of various clans! DDD+, Black smoke Amun, Fafnir+...

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Over 100 A+ & A monsters of various clans! DDD+, Black smoke Amun, Fafnir+...

Post by MoniMoLove on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:00 pm

Here’s what I have to trade (ID 2557986136)

I’m interested in EP’s and Sin cards (SIN list below skills). If interested please let me know what you’d like to offer.

Sickle Leg Centipede+ 18 (1) IDR
Fafnir+ M( 8 ) crit up
Scorn Black Wings+ M(5) DEA
Beelzebub+ M( 8 ) VB
Deep Dark Demon+ M(1) IDR
Child of Pit+ M(9) Agility Up
Astaroth the Accuser+ M(11) Preemptive Strike
Gigas+ 16(7) IPA
Two-Faced Devil+ 15(N/A)
Cruel Black Wings+ M(4) DED
Evil Moth+ 2(2) Health Up
Furnace Dragon+ 1(1) Preemptive strike
Cannonfire Demon+ 1(1) Preemptive Strike
Hell Ice Dragon+ 2(1) DEA
Skeleton Minotaur+ 2(1) Health up
Jade Rhinoceros Beetle+ 9(6) IPD
Chelicerata+ 1(n/a)
Lewd Twist Lologi+ 1(1) Preemptive strike
Toukotsu+ 1(1) Heal
Fafnir+ 1(1) Critical Up
Unbound Colossus+ 1 (1) preemptive strike
Lightning Core+ 1(1) preemptive strike
Naga+ 16( 8 ) slumbering breath
Time Void Golem+ 5(4) IPA
Chop Demon+ 1(n/a)
Crystal Dragon+ 5(6) Crit Up
Pabilsag+ 1(1) DEA
Pure Dark Embodiment+ 1(1) DED
Witch of Snakes+ 1(1) slumbering breath
Flame Tarasque+ 1(1) IPD
Nidhogg+ 1(1) agility up
Soul Reaper+ 1(N/A)
Cursed Mountain Goat+ 1(1) PAP
Refined Horn Fighter+ 1(1) Health Up
Sky Dragon+ 1(1) IPA
Kyuuki+ 1(1) Revive
Seeker Quadriga+ 1(1) Agility Up
Terra Ogame+ 1(1) DED
Flesh Triffid+ 1(1) IPA
Igbran+ 1(1) Brtue Down
Furnace Dragon+ 1(1) Preemptive Strike
Devil Ripper 1(n/a)
Elite Dragonborn 35(2) IPD
Lord of Massacre 1(N/A)
Lord of Void 1(N/A)
Lord of Gluttony 1(N/A)
Lord of Sloth 1(N/A)
Draining Butcher 1(N/A)
Jack of Lance 1(N/A)
Slave Dance Sorceress 1(1) IDR
Silvery Goddess Queen 1(N/A)
Grin Antic Demon 1(N/A)
Haddu 1(1) IPA
Centaurus 1(N/A)
Lost Woods Leshy 1(1) Venomous Breath
Grand Color Bird 1(N/A)
Armored Black Tiger 1(N/A)
Current Demon 1(N/A)
Charon of Hatred 1(1) Covert Down
Flaming Death Wheels 1(N/A)
Spite Devil Mage 1(N/A)
Greatsword Spirit Doll 1(1) Crit up
Lord of Blight 1(N/A)
Bonelord 1(1) IPD
Tide Demon 1(1) IPD
DDD 1(1) IDR
Ladon 1(1) IPD
Hammer of Hell 1(1) DED
Fiery Fists of Fury 1(n/a)
Grin Cloak, Inos 1(n/a)
Flesh Triffid 1(1) IPA
Unruly Cell 1(n/a)
Wretched Black Wing 1(n/a) Lindwurm 1(1) Agility Up
Forsaken Birth Fiend 1(1) DED
Demon Bait Insect 1(1) Agility Up
Vampire Eyes, Lucia 1(1) Party Health Plus
Enchanting Alraune 1(n/a)
Horned Frontierer 1(1) PHP
Devil of Endless Night 1(N/A)
Lewd Twist Lologi 1(n/a)
Renegade Aruraune 1(1) DED
Fex the Severer 1(1) IPD
Horned Veteran 1(n/a)
Raging Vritra 1(1) Impulse Down
Ancient Huge Statue 1(n/a)
Volcano Dragon 1(n/a)
Bloodstained Sanguis 1(1) Brute Down
Hellfield Devil Asura 1(n/a)
Devil’s Bow 1(n/a)
Arrow Drench Demon 1(n/a)
Aya Dragon 1(n/a)
Living Torture 1(1)Brute Down
Black Smoke Amun 1(n/a)
Mirror of Shadows 1(1) DED
(2x) Seeker Quadriga 1(1) Agility Up
Metal Shell Seeker 1(n/a)
Grieving Mandrake 1(n/a)
Mesh Dragon 1(n/a)
Snowstorm Dragon 1(n/a)
Sear Djinn 1(1) Preemptive strike
Fairy Doyen Tita 1(n/a)
Blood-Suck Rampage Fly (n/a)
Dream breaker priest 1(n/a)
Refined Horned Fighter 1(1) health up
Vert Vucub Caquiz 1(1) Psycho Down
Bayard the Steel Horse 1(n/a)
Jagged Igneous 1(1) IPA

(2x) Charon (B+) Impulse Down
(3x) Charon (B) Impulse Down
(3x) Vucab Caquix (B) Covert Down
(1x) Purple Shell Critter (B) Mystic Down

The SIN/soul cards I’m interested in (TRADE ONLY, NOT buying because I have no EP or BP to offer you), however if you’re really interested, this can be part of the TL above

Great Evolution Soul
Evolution Soul
Balrog or Rage (reg)


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