Clan Wars is coming up! Are you ready? (general recruitment thread)

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Clan Wars is coming up! Are you ready? (general recruitment thread)

Post by JessicaMD on Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:30 am

So, this isn't a thread exclusively for our clan's recruitment, but for really anybody who has some open slots in their clan or is looking to join one!

Yeah, there's a clans section but I think clan wars is a big deal as a first time event, and it might not be bad to coordinate some roster topping off and clan joining for currently independent players in response to this short-notice announcement!

So if you are
A. looking for a clan to join before clan wars starts
B. looking to fill in a last few slots in your clan before clan wars starts

This thread is for you!

Just make a post like below with a LINK to your clan's thread, or webpage or whatever (let's not clutter up this thread, and try let it work as a bulletin board of sorts that people can look at and say "hey those guys seem nice, I'll follow their link; oh no they're full, I'll try the next one!")

\/ \/ \/ Example post with link \/ \/ \/





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Re: Clan Wars is coming up! Are you ready? (general recruitment thread)

Post by Jewelguy on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:41 pm

The Forbidden Elites is recruiting. No minimum donation but we do ask that you remain an active clan member.
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