Lazy's shop (Lots and cheap)

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Lazy's shop (Lots and cheap)

Post by lazyguy on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:14 pm

Cleaning up inventory, everything must go. Looking for only EP at the moment. All skills are at 1 unless otherwise listed. Although prices are not listed, I promise prices are cheap and reasonable and I'll try my best to work with you. But please don't send ridiculous lowball offer. Please remove me from ally after you messaged/traded me. Lots of A+m, and ready to be put in formation. My ID and kik are at the bottom in my signature. This post will be updated very frequently to show current inventory as accurate as possible.

Purple Flash, Soruluna+
Truthseeker Liqu+ x2

Bone Crusher, Kaya
Magna Carmilla

Elocutionist Vaca
Magna Dryad
Sickle Leg Centipede

Magna Ice Queen
Violet Winds, Duriel

Fiery Fists of Fury+M
Draining Butcher+M(3)
Hellfire Talos+ x2
Magna Cockatrice+
Ray-Beam Parasite+M
Sear Djinn+M
Skeleton Minotaur+M(2)
Twinblade Spirit Doll+

Bayard the Steel Horse+(4)
Dragon of Mercury+M(2) x2
Elite Dragonborn+
Flesh Triffid+M
Grieving Mandrake+
Horned Veteran+
Refined Horned Fighter+M
Root Rot Kijin+
Scatter Host+
Terra Ogame+
Uncouth Child+M

Ancient Huge Statue+M
Blade Giant+M
Bloodlust Queen, Femes+M
Curved Sword Minotaur+M
Death Valley Serpent+
Desolate Swamp King+M
Evil Twins+
Fex the Severer+M
Grand Color Bird+
Grin Antic Demon+
Heavenly, Masura+M
Hover Striker+M
Night Creeper+M
Pure Light Embodiment+M
Seeker Quadriga+(4)
Slaughter bee Queen+M(5)
Spear Knight Gillman+
Torrent Rusalka+M
Venus Monster Trap+M

Curse Queen, Dahlia+M
Magna Fenrir+M

Brain Sip
Child of Pit x5
Devil of the Abyss x2
Dragon of Mars
Flame Tarasque
Furnace Dragon x4
Jack O' Lance
Kyuuki x2
Magna Cockatrice
Metal Cyclops
Nidhogg x3
Ray-Beam Parasite
Sear Djinn
Swelling Blob
Unruly Cell

Crimson Beetle Knight
Dashing Mantis
Demon Bait Insect
Dragon of Jupiter
Dragonlord of Hellfire
Flesh Triffid
Horned Veteran
Lindwurm x3
Lost Woods Leshy
Naga General
Parasitic Centipede
Plague Dragon
Sky Dragon x3
Sprout Dragon
Uncouth Child
Witch of Snakes

Ancient Huge Statue
Barrier Artist, Iris
Blizzard Parasite
Bloodlust Queen, Femes
Chains of Dred
Dragon of Pluto
Fex the Severer
Grand Color Bird
Grin Antic Demon
Heavenly Bird, Huri
Heavenly, Masura
Icicle Dragon x4
Knight of Valor
Lewd Twist Lologi
Lightning Core(6)
Living Torture x2
Night Creeper
Obsidian Colossus
Perusing Racio
Punisher Sphinx
Seeker Quadriga
Sintyra x4
Stream Rusalka
Tide of Atlantis
Tiamut x7
Venus Monster Trap
Wheel Knight Golem
White Winged Oracle x2
Wings of Amethyst

Curse Queen, Dahlia x2
Magna Fenrir

Soul of Enlightenment+ x55
Soul of Wisdom+ x13
Soul of Wisdom x44
Evolution Soul x3
Soul of Skills

Agility Up (4)
Covert Down (1) x13
Critical Rate Up (4) x21
Decrease Enemy Attack (4) x2
Health Up (1) x12
Impulse Down (1) x10
Preemptive Strike (4) x10
Psycho Down (1) x14
Slumbering Breath (4) x9

Aquatic Child, Marme x2

DS ID: 241-858-6858
kik: L.A.Z.Y.


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