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Post by Xychopath on Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:40 pm

Monsters Available
All prices negotiable!



Sun Sword Pharaoh
Brain Sip+ (LVL6)(CRU4)
Ghoul Warrior
Blood Flame Colossus+
Magic Light Dragon - 2EP
Red Brawn Golem+ (LVL6) - 4EP
Balrog of Rage
Mirror of Shadows - 2EP
Bloodfest Demon
Brave Pharaoh+ (LVL3)(PD3) - 5EP
Jiangshi Fighter - 2EP
Paradoxical Duin
Hellfield Devil Asura+ (LVL10)(IPA6)
Spear Hunter, Ardeyuna - 1EP
Fire Core+ - 1EP
Fire Core - 1EP
Paimon+ (LVL62)(CD2) - 4EP
3x Forsaken Birth Fiend - 1EP(ea)
Shadow Soul Knight - 1EP
Astaroth the Accuser+ (LVL14)(PS8)
2x Ring Dragon
Crimson Lion Guardian - 1EP
Deep Dark Demon+ (LVL70)(IDR4)
Kyuuki - 1EP
Bloodlust Dame, Tenia
2x Aya Dragon+
Furnace Dragon+
Devil Ripper
Pabilsag - 1EP
2x Hellfire Talos - 1EP
Sear Djinn
Skeleton Minotaur+ (LVL7)(HU4) - 2EP
Beelzebub+ (LVL9) - 1EP
Cruel Black Wings - 1EP



Omnipotent Rhona


Light Conjurer, Kujah
Bloodstained Sanguis
Blizzard Mummy
Scythe of Awe, Kanosta
Moth Keeper Talarumoth - 2EP
Fire and Ice Dragon - 2EP
Death Call Covenant+
Vicssitude Colossus
White Brawn Golem - 3EP
2x Rampage Gargoyle - 2EP(ea)
Beheaded Lunatic - 2EP
Fex the Severer - 2EP
2x White Wing Sky Pirate
Charon of Hatred - 1EP
Lewd Twist Lologi
Deceit Witch
Typhon the Sea Roarer+
Typhon the Sea Roarer - 2EP
2x Unbound Colossus - 1EP
Grand Color Bird+ (LVL9)(DEA7) - 4EP
Grand Color Bird - 1EP
Crystal Dragon
Spear Knight Gillman+
Ancient Huge Statue+
2x Tokotsu+
2x Toukotsu - 1EP(ea)
2x Shock Tarasque
Grin Cloak, Inos+ (LVL19)(DED6)
3x Grin Cloak, Inos+
Living Torture
Catoblepas+ (LVL5) (VB3)
3x Scaled Chimera
Stream Rusalka - 1EP
2x Evilmoth - 1EP(ea)
Child of Purification+ (LVL3) (SB2)



Fairy Guardian, Elysa+
Blizzard Mandrill - 3EP
Unholy Vice Demon+
Plague Dragon
Sea of Clouds Dragon
2x Druj Nasu - 2EP(ea)
Simian Lord Hanuman+ (LVL2)(PD2) - 3EP
Mesh Dragon
Dancing Fairy+ - 3EP
Dancing Fairy
Berserker Mite - 2EP
2x Lost Woods Leshy - 1EP(ea)
Naga General+
Crimson Beetle Knight
2x Blood-Suck Rampage Fly
Terra Ogame+ - 1EP
Terra Ogame
Scatter Host - 1EP
Metal Shell Seeker
Centaurus+ - 1EP
Witch of Snakes+
Refined Horned Fighter
2x Naga+
Hell Scythe Mantis+ (LVL31)(DED4)

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