Addictive game with a close concept to dark summoner!

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Addictive game with a close concept to dark summoner!

Post by Lifestream on Sat May 25, 2013 12:27 am

Its called Dot(Defender of texel)
i am not dodging players to another game, i just wanto let dark summoner fans like me to know about this cool viral game that is also very addictive but requires very little of playtime.
i play dark summoner for 2 months now and i love this type of game but now that i found dot i play both and it hardly makes a diference on my daily hobbie time,
this wierd pixelated animated game has alot of similarities such as the events and fusions, exept you dont spend gold to fusion and you win summons from doing missions and events. the thing is the monsters evolve after 5 fusions of the same type, then you can make them stronger when they reach rare or epic state by sacrificing usless monsters( almost none are usless cuz they all eventually fusion to epic)

there is a game currency that takes time to win but you can even buy energy pots with it, you can also buy weapons to single equip each monster to give you an edge.
maybe because this game doesnt have many players rankinigs are not hard to attain.

i hope it was worth your time reading this i know it is worth mine passing out the word of such a great game.
and last but not least if you decide to try it, after the first normal mission boss input my id invite code so i and you can get a great rare monster that helps alot in the event: "Jyps"
cheers fellow dark summoners!


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Re: Addictive game with a close concept to dark summoner!

Post by Shinzengumi on Sun May 26, 2013 10:36 pm

Hence why I give 5ep for each referral.


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