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Post by ShadowsFury on Sun May 19, 2013 12:15 am

Hello all and welcome to my store!!!

First off, what I'm looking for (for now):
Agility Stack (4)
IPA Stack (4)
IPD Stack (4)
DEA Stack (4)
DED Stack (4)

I'm only looking for whatever is listed above, but may be open to some trades

I'm not really looking for much, I'm pretty open to negotiations
Just offer what you think is fair, and hopefully we can find something that works for us both

If you buy more, I will give bigger discounts

PM me for details

Monsters are color coded representing which guild they belong to
Listed in following format: Monster Name BP Skill Skill Level
Skill will only be listed if there is one
Skill level will only me listed if it is above 1, otherwise, presume skill is (1)
Multiples of monsters will be shown by a 2x, 3x, etc in front of monster name
Presume a monster's level is 1 unless otherwise listed (whether by number or by "max" or "m" after monster's name)

Sorcerer Cetana 20BP
5x Horned Phantom Tiger 15BP
Dragon of Neptune 16BP
Magna Ice Queen 17BP
Hallucination Cast 16BP
Chosen Sword Alisa 24BP Beast Down
Horned Phantom Tiger+ 15BP IDR

Magna Carmilla 17BP
Explosive Demon 15BP
2x Cruelty of Night 22BP
Manipulation Demon 22BP
4x Rot Cast 16BP
Bone Crusher Kaya+ 20BP

3x Sickle Leg Centipede 15BP
Magna Dryad 17BP

Ladon+ 15BP IPD
Hellfield Devil Asura+ 22BP IPA
Ray-Beam Parasite+ 23BP IPA
Schorching Chiropteran+lvl53 29BP PDP
Cursed Mountain Goat+m 23BP PAP
Twinblade Spirit Doll 20BP Crit Up
Jiangshi Fighter+ 23BP Crit Up(3)
Flesh Hungry Gragel+m 29BP IDR(3)
Released Fenrisulfr 19BP IDR
Giant Hell Chameleon+m 26BP IPD(3)
Ghoul Warrior+ 26BP IDR
Fire Core+ 21BP Crit Up

Aquatic Queen, Marme+ 24BP Demon Down
Strudy White Wing+ 16BP
Beheaded Lunatic+ 24BP Impulse Down
Lewd Twist Lologi+ 22BP Pre Strike
Living Torture+ 18BP Brute Down
White Wing Sky Pirate+ 23BP IPD
Heretic Cannon Mushi 20BP Crit Up
Torrent Rusalka 16BP Heal
Spear Knight Gillman+m 19BP IPD(5)
Scaled Chimera+ 16BP DEA(3)
Child of Purification+ 13BP Slum Bre

Ancient Huge Statue+ 19BP

Sickle Subjugator+ 18BP DEA
Centaurus+ 17BP DED
Dream Breaker Priest+ 19BP

Shadow Soul Knight 20BP
2x Blazing Dragonoid 22BP Crit Up
3x Paimon 21BP Cov Down
Hammer of Hell 22BP DED
Magna Cockatrice 15BP IPA
3x Mirror of Shadows 24BP DED
Fists of Fury 23BP
Devil of the Abyss 16BP IPA
Magic Light Dragon 25BP IPA
2x Fire Core 21BP Crit Up
Ebony Demon 19BP
Aya Dragon 18BP
2x Deep Dark Demon 19BP IDR
Skeletoric 22BP
Flesh Hungry Gragel 29BP IDR
Vampire Eyes Lucia 21BP PHP
Bloodlust Dame Tenia 18BP HP Up
Paradoxial Duin 23BP Crit Up
Serpent Demon 18BP DEA
Lust Trap Necromancer 22BP
Astaroth the Accuser 20BP Pre Str
3x Sear Djinn 16BP Pre Str
Volcano Dragon 25BP
5x Skeleton Minotaur 15BP HP Up
2x Scythes of Crimson 26BP
Gamigan 25BP Revive
3x Hellfield Devil Asura 22BP
Sun Sword Pharaoh 29BP Cov Down
Bloodfest Demon 24BP DEA
Armored Black Tiger 17BP
Brave Pharaoh 24BP Psy Down
Forsaken Birth Fiend 20BP DED
Jack O' Lance 15BP
Swelling Blob 19BP
Hellfire Talos 16BP
Soul Reaper 22BP
Marbas 25BP Agility Up
Poison Creep Tail 21BP
Flame Tarasque 18BP IPD
Kyuuki 18BP
3x Crimson Lion Guardian 19BP

2x Toukostu 18BP
Sturdy White Wing 16BP
2x Icicle Dragon 26BP
Vicissitude Colossus 25BP IDR
Sentinel Golem 22BP
2x Crystal Dragon 19BP Crit Up
Heavenly Masura 23BP PAP
2x Bloodlust Queen, Femes 18BP HP Up
2x Aspidochelone 20BP DED
2x Lewd Twist Lologi BP22
Chains of Dred 18BP DEA
3x Shock Tarasque 18BP IPD
Spear Knight Gillman 19BP
2x Dragon of Pluto 16BP Beast Down
2x Death Valley Serpent 17BP
Lord of Sloth 12BP
Scaled Chimera 16BP
2x Grand Color Bird 20BP
Blood Blush Vanessa 16BP DED
White Wing Oracle 16BP IPDMagna Lizardman Trooper 15BP IPA
Deceit Witch 22BP Mystic Down
Lunatic Medic 27BP Beast Down
2x Venus Monster Trap 23BP
Demonsteel Mushi 20BP Crit Up
Blade Giant 18BP
Tides of Atlantis 23BP Crit Up
Grin Cloak Inos 18BP
Lightning Core 21BP Pre Str
Harbor Eating Serpent 24BP DEA
Living Torture 18BP Brute Down

Druj Nasu 24BP DEA
2x Dream Breaker Priest 19BP
3x Blood-Suck Ramage Fly 18BP
Greed Mammon 23BP
Sprout Dragon 16BP
2x Nightmare Oak 22BP DED
2x Dragon of Jupiter 16BP Demon Down
4x Parasitic Centipede 19BP
Lord of Void 10BP
Sky Navy Slayer 11BP
Dragonlord of Hellfire 13BP
Terra Ogame 18BP
2x Naga General 20BP Pre Strike
Wind Core 21BP IDR
2x Metal Shell Seeker 18BP
Lost Woods Leshy 20BP Veno Bre
Magna Behemoth 15BP IPA
High Knight Beast 17BP Imp Down
Courage Child Brigitte 31BP
2x Horned Veteran 16BP
3x Witch of Snakes 16BP Slum Bre
Flame Eifu 19BP
Renegade Aruraune 24BP DED
4x Achlis 22BP Pre Str
2x Crimson Beetle Knight 20BP
Cursed Georug 19BP
Refined Horned Fighter 15BP HP Up
Elite Dragonborn 20BP IPD
Elite Dragonborn max 20BP IPD(3)
Chelicerata 21BP
Colossal Scythe Ant 23BP
Poison Hand Mutant 31BP
Dust Colossus max 25BP DEA(4)

Curse Queen Dahlia 20BP HP Up
Magna Fenrir 20BP DED

Enjoy and Ty


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Re: Shadow's Store

Post by ShadowsFury on Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:58 am

Removed sold, and some other edits

Visit my Store!


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